Power & Portraits

Transform your life through the power of portraits.
It’s in our nature as women to give, and yet more often than not we give to everyone but ourselves.
On top of the burnout of pleasing everyone else’s needs, we’re constantly reminded that no matter how hard we try we’re never enough. Not skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, powerful enough – you name it.
Do you find yourself:
Looking in the mirror picking apart your body?
Scrolling through instagram and facebook wishing you looked like someone else?
Avoiding having your photo taken because it never looks good, and who wants that posted to the internet?
If so, how does that make you feel? (Worthless, disgusting, lonely, disempowered?)

If there’s a part of you, even a small part, that’s ready to shift to confidence, connection, and freedom then I invite you to keep reading.

I created Power & Portraits for women who are done beating themselves up over their appearance and are ready to claim their power once and for all.
Power & Portraits is crafted just for you. Together we’ll craft the perfect combination of elements to express and experience what you specifically need in your life – now.
If you want to deepen your connection to your sexuality, build confidence and success as a professional, or attract a healthy and loving romantic relationship – then this is for you.
Whether it’s branded portraits for your business, a boudoir session to tap into your passion, or a creative exploration of your feminine archetypes – I’ve done it all.
What’s Included:

Body Beliefs Session

We’ll unravel the core stories that keep you from loving your body, feeling beautiful, and trusting yourself in front of a camera, crowd or lover.

Style Expression Session

Discover unique-to-you fashion and personal style that leaves you feeling confident, comfortable and excited to step out into the world.

Power & Portraits Session

Bring your newfound sense of self forward through the masterful lens of a professional photographer and transformational facilitator.

What Women Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let women like you do the talking!

When I came across Heather’s work I was immediately drawn to the energy and overall aesthetic of her photography. I remember clicking through to her website and thinking, “this is it!” There was something so magical about the way that she captured feminine beauty and ethereal energies- that I knew I had to work with her. The way she inserted colour, geometry and light into her work was exactly what I was looking for, for the re-brand of Chloe’s Countertop.

Up until I found Heather, I knew it was time for a re-design to really boost my business and take it to another level- but I didn’t know exactly how it would look or feel, or how I would do it. I had done some trial work with other accomplished web developers over the past year, however I continued to feel like the brand was flat and the designer didn’t understand me or the overall vision for the brand.

Heather quickly introduced me to her team, and although it was the largest investment in my business so far- I knew I had no choice but to figure it out and say “yes!” Working with Heather has been really special- mostly because it feels as though you are working with a friend and fellow women warrior. She has a true, intuitive passion for female entrepreneurship and is very much connected to the divine. What’s so wonderful is that although each photo and project is unique- they all have one fundamental thing in common, magic.

The day of our shoot, I quite literally felt like a blend of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland- and the photos are incredibly beautiful. They have truly been the building blocks of my new website, my new brand and the stunning new colour palette of Chloe’s Countertop. The photos have created a newfound confidence and direction- and I feel more connected to my intuition and inner strength when it comes to rocking my business and leaping forward! I am so excited to continue to witness the magic unveil.

I highly recommend Heather to anyone that feels ready to make a true investment in themselves and their business and are feeling called to living out their life’s work.

Chloe Elgar

Chloe's Countertop

When I saw Heather’s work I knew I would be in good hands, but I was not looking forward to having my photo taken. Nor was I interested in seeing what I looked like.
As someone who is not comfortable in front of a camera, and sometimes does not want to be ‘seen’, I was prepared for this to be a painful experience.
Although I felt nervous, Heather was completely accepting and told me to take a minute for myself, after which she made it known that it was okay and normal to feel that way. The experience ended up being more comfortable than I thought possible. As she did her work, with her guidance and encouragement, I was just able to be.
When I saw the photos, I loved them. The photos represent who I really am, and I felt so proud to be me. This experience changed the way I view myself, and that is changing how I show up in life. Heather sees so much beauty that maybe you don’t see for yourself… yet!
Devon Sockett

Devon Sockett RMT


    I’m Heather, your Power & Portraits Facilitator. For the past 15 years, I’ve been honing my skills as a portrait photographer and personal development guide. During that time I’ve had the pleasure of working with forward thinking leaders like Danielle Laporte, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Allison Braun. I’ve co-hosted business and pleasure retreats, weekly women’s circles, and life changing workshops all with the intention of helping women release long held beliefs and fears that are holding them back.

Have you ever found yourself turning away from a camera saying, “I’m not photogenic…” Nine out of ten women who come to me are carrying this story and actively avoid having their photo taken as a result.

Not having your photo taken may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the belief underneath that is causing ongoing problems. Somewhere, deep down inside, you don’t think you’re beautiful – and I don’t blame you. You’re constantly shown images of women that are what society deems as sexy and well, it doesn’t look like you! That’s exactly what these companies want, to sell you an unattainable ideal that you’ll forever chase and never achieve – you’re smart, think about it, it’s the perfect way for them to keep making astounding amounts of money.

What would it be like if you took your power, and your hard earned money, back? What would it be like if you were able to choose what beauty meant to you, felt like to you, and actually owned it? What if you were able to walk out the door feeling gorgeous, sexy, and magnetic just as you are? Sounds a bit far-fetched, right? Well, it’s possible and I know how.

It all starts with unraveling the fears and beliefs that are keeping you closed up and shut down in your Body-Beliefs Session. My extensive training in transpersonal therapy and shadow work will aid you in getting to the core of these issues and finally begin a true kind of healing. From there we’ll build you a new way of being in the world, a way that feels true to you and self expressed in your Style Expression Session. Then, we’ll bring everything we’ve worked on together into your Power & Portraits Photography experience.

The images you receive are bound to surprise you, I promise.

I’ve been doing this for a lonnnnnngg time, and I can safely say without a doubt this – It’s not that you aren’t photogenic, you’ve just never worked with an exceptional portrait photographer.

My Artistic Standards:

  • I actually care about you as a person, your happiness and success in this experience matters to me. I’ve got your back all the way along and will support you with any fears that come up.
  • I only take on a few clients per month so I can give detailed, personalized support for your experience.
  • As a woman, I myself have traversed the pain that comes with having a negative body image, and ongoingly put myself through portrait sessions and situations that push my own edges. I’ve actually walked the path I ask you to walk.
  • Unlike most photographers out there, I actually have a BFA majoring in Photography from the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art & Design. I’ve invested heavily in my training, so I can provide the highest quality results for people like you.

What’s it Really Like?

More ladies share their personal experience.

I highly recommend Heather. She is the BEST. Her professionalism, creative vision, and the way she pours her heart and soul into what she does made for one of the funnest, in flow, photo shoots I’ve ever had. Stephanie Chevrier

Ink Dust

Before working with Heather I worried that I was being a bit too extravagant booking this type of photo shoot experience and I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I’m so grateful I worked through my resistance and invested in myself because the day we spent together was such a gift! It was truly priceless when you take into account the joy and confidence that it inspired from within. Heather’s unique ability to be present in each moment and her genuine interest in supporting me to connect with my heart was wonderful. Since rebranding, I’ve had more confidence stepping into my new role as a life coach and I am really embracing the gifts I have to share with others. I highly recommend Heather to anyone that is looking for amazing photos, as well as an experience that encourages you to get clear and focus on what is the real motivation behind what you do. Working with Heather I was encouraged to go into my heart, explore and share…thank you! Much love.

Julie Singer

Intentional Day Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a Body Beliefs Session?
I’ve trained extensively as a transpersonal therapist and facilitator of shadow work. We’ll deep dive into the beliefs that are holding you back from feeling comfortable in your body and work together to resolve those issues. Each session is different based on the person sitting in front of me, your experience is designed specifically around you.
What happens during a Style Expression Session?
Whether you feel fully confident in your style, or you feel completely lost, we’ll work together to crafts outfits perfect for your photoshoot. When your shoot day arrives, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to wear so there will be no need to stress. Plus, you’ll be able to take everything you learn during this session and apply it to your day to day fashion sense.
How many images are included?
I have three different package options designed to meet all of your needs. Contact me to learn more.
What is the investment?
To maintain the integrity of my work as an artist, as well as be in support of your specific needs, pricing and the nitty gritty details are available by contacting me directly.
Is hair and makeup included?
Hair and makeup is not included, but I do have an amazing team of women who I regularly work with. This allows you to work with a stylist you’re already comfortable with, and to pick and choose the services that work best for you.
Where does the shoot take place?
Photo shoot locations are chosen based on the type of shoot you’re looking to create. There are plenty of amazing indoor spaces that are available for rent, or gorgeous outdoor locations that are perfect for your shoot day.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.